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Kylle Edwards

Meet the Next Step Fitness Team

A photo of Next Stept Fitness team member Caleb West

Caleb West

Personal Trainer

I chose Next Step Fitness because of the atmosphere. Outside of work I enjoy playing sports, (Basketball, Football, and ping pong). I also enjoy fishing and playing video games as well. Since joining the NSF team I've grown alongside the business, have met some great people, and I've seen myself gaining strength and losing weight along the way.

A photo of Next Stept Fitness team member Meredith Williams

Meredith Williams

Group Fitness Coordinator

I chose Next Step Fitness because I like the smaller gym. We are a big family, it's easier to get to get to know and minister to your families. Outside of work I enjoy kayaking, running, church, and volunteering at the soup kitchen. My fitness goals are to run a ½ Marathon again. Since joining NSF I've become a Group Exercise Lead/Coordinator. We are better together. We all need one another to change lives.

A photo of Next Stept Fitness team member Joseph Miller

Joseph Miller

Front Desk Lead

Growing up I have always been into sports and overall being active. Basketball was always one of my favorite sports to watch and play, but I didn't notice how good I was until I started playing organized basketball games. An interesting fact about me would be that I am a huge gamer, from computer games to console games, I am a huge fan. Working here at Next Step Fitness has been a very life-changing experience for me. I have never been a "gym rat" but the staff and members here encourage me to workout and stay in great shape. Our personal trainers here also have given me workouts and tips to help me reach my fitness goals towards basketball. I hope to continue growing with this company and changing lives the same way they have changed mine.

A photo of Next Stept Fitness team member Kylle Edwards

Kylle Edwards

Front Desk Associate

I am a front desk associate at Next Step Fitness. At a young age I was exposed to super heroes and anime characters, with Goku from Dragon Ball Z being one of my favorites. Seeing those characters on television and witnessing their feats of strength made me want to train and be just like them. I started by doing push-ups and other calisthenics to improve my strength but it wasn't until the age of 14 when I started training with weights. I am now 19 and my passion for weight lifting has grown even stronger.

A photo of Next Stept Fitness team member Cassie Cummings

Cassie Cummings

Front Desk Associate

I chose Next Step Fitness because unlike any other gym I felt the positive atmosphere and how family oriented we are, you couldn't help but want to work for a company like this. Outside of work I enjoy listening to music, cooking, walking my dog and reading. Some of my fitness goals are to become strong, tone my muscles, and have a strong core and back for good posture. Since joining Next Step Fitness I've found happiness and a brighter outlook towards my future.